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Bavaria: A Pearl in the South of Germany

The state of Bavaria has it all for a great vacation in Germany. It is one of the most visited regions of Germany and truly the most beautiful. The reasons for its popularity are quite numerous. It offers picturesque landscapes like the Bavarian Forest in the southeast or the Alps in the south, where you can find great spots for skiing or hiking.

Numerous lakes between rich green hills invite to do water sports or take a boat trip. Either top class hotels or small guesthouses for the low-budget traveler – you will find something for everyone.

Lake Tegernsee in Rottach-Egern (Bavaria)
Lake Tegernsee in Rottach-Egern (Bavaria)

Bavaria is also rich in historical and cultural highlights. The medieval cities of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bamberg, Augsburg and Nuremberg or the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein are just some of the places well worth seeing. The capital of the state is Munich, a lovely town with great atmosphere but fortunately without the hectic rush of other large cities.

The Bavarian hospitality is just fabulous. I had the chance to get acquainted with it myself and I was really surprised of the kindness and friendliness the people showed. You will feel very welcomed and comfortable at every place.

The Bavarians also love to celebrate. The Oktoberfest might be the most famous party on our blue planet but if you have the chance to attend another festival (Volksfest) then go for it! The smaller festivals are more traditional and not so overcrowded like the Oktoberfest is nowadays. Nevertheless, Oktoberfest is still a great event and a highlight of every Germany vacation.

Oktoberfest Party

It can sometimes be difficult for an English speaker to communicate with a Bavarian speaker, especially if the latter does not speak German but Bavarian. Bavarians can, however, make an effort to speak English as the conjugation of German strong verbs, Bavarian verbs and English verbs are very similar. So it is quite easy for Bavarians to help you with English. It’s even easier because Bavarians are quite festive and not really reluctant to speak German or English, even more so during the Oktoberfest when all foreign languages can be spoken.

Another outstanding feature of Bavaria is the tasty food. If you like hearty meals you will love it here. In particular meat eaters will be more than pleased. Roast pork, knuckles of pork, roasted chicken and veal sausages to name just a few of the Bavarian specialties.

Bavarian food and beer

Also the beer got quite a reputation and this is for a good reason. Believe me, there is truly no better brew but why don’t you form your own opinion on your visit to Bavaria. With scenic beauty, cultural highlights and great hospitality combined with fantastic food and probably the best beers of the world, Bavaria is a highlight for every Germany visitor.

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