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How to find your travel buddies to join you on your adventures?

Travelling is becoming much more affordable for everyone, with flights between countries in Europe costing as little as €10 each way. It’s no wonder that most of us are wanting to jet off and see what the world has to offer.

The only problem I have personally is getting my friends to join me on my adventures. It can be difficult to not only have friends be able to meet your budget, but also your availability. We all work different jobs and have our own responsibilities, so you won’t always be able to make it work out.

So, what are your options? Well, you can try looking around for a travel partner, or look for someone in the country your planning to visit who is willing to meet you and possibly show you around. There are many benefits to this, firstly, you’ll have someone who shares one of the same interests as you: travelling. You’ll also make new friends, who you’ll likely meet up with again in the future.


Finding a travel partner isn’t too difficult. Especially when so many apps and websites exist for the sole purpose of finding a travel buddy. One of these websites is RemoteFriends, it’s a social media network where you can find new friends, with it also having a specific directory for Travel Partners.

When you make a profile, you can specify that you’re looking for travel partners, and list out some countries that you’re wanting to visit. From there, using the advanced search feature, you can also look for other members who want to visit the same countries like you.

That’s it, probably. You’ve got your first travel partner; you can start to communicate with each other and make plans for your big adventure. It’s always a good idea to stay in a hostel, that way there’s a good chance you’ll meet even more people who will want to hang out and see local attractions with you.

Hostel bar

One tip is to try looking for social hostels, ones which might have a bar, offer walking tours or offer to take you to pub crawls. These are great ways to break the ice when it comes to meeting new travellers, as well as see all the attractions without doing it alone.

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